If you have a great photo, showing off your TIGER ANGEL gear, send it in so we can put it on our PROUD CUSTOMERS pages.

There are a few guidelines for sending images to us:

Please make sure your image is a JPG or a GIF file and that it is SMALLER than 80kb in file size.

There are 3 Categories open to the amateur photographer with the pre-requisite that the photo has a predominant TIGER ANGEL garment in the image:
(i) The Ride Day
(ii) The Races
(iii) On the Street

Whether it be your own suit or a mate's, we would like to see the TIGER ANGEL garment filling a good proportion of the photo (Hey, that's the whole point!).

Be creative, while we love seeing how fast riders can go in TIGER ANGEL, if you are just as happy to tour, cruise or hang out, we love that type of riding too.

Whether you set it up or have a shot in the album that will fit into one of the three categories above send it on in.

Photos can be sent in via mail to:

Tiger Angel Pty. Ltd.
19-27 Ireland Street
West Melbourne VIC 3003

or sent by email in a file size no bigger than 80kb to photo@tigerangel.com.au.

Don’t forget to include all of your postal details and feel welcome to include a brief paragraph on how you came to be wearing TIGER ANGEL.

Unless requested, the images will remain the property of Tiger Angel Pty. Ltd. to use in Tiger Angel advertising material and related media with the understanding that they will be used tastefully and without intention to offend the parties portrayed.