Tiger Angel LogoMeasuring Instructions

The following system has been developed over ten years with feedback from sponsored racers and helpful customers.

It is designed specifically for motorcycle clothing, so avoid going to a tailor or dressmaker, as they will make assumptions.

Just follow the instructions and you will get it right.

We suggest that you Print this page and perform the measurements off-line.
You can then use this information to fill in the form on-line when you have chosen your style and colours.

You may contact us at any stage if you have a question - you will get an experienced
Tiger Angel clothing maker not an email  robot or a salesperson.

Tick Measuring Units used. (either system is OK but do NOT use both)
Pounds and Inches   Kilograms and Centimetres   figure 1 figure 2 figure 3 figure 4
Required for all styles
Height   Without shoes.
Weight   Wearing light or no clothing.
Waist 5cm above navel   These are the midriff measurements

First find your navel (bellybutton) and wrap the tape around and record measurement (see Figure1).

Repeat at the specified distances above and below the navel level.

Waist at navel  
Waist 5cm below navel  
Waist 10cm below navel  
Seat 15cm below navel  

Seat 20 cm below navel


Required for Jackets and suits

Chest (Men)


Wrap the tape around the chest, over the shoulder blades as high up in the armpits as possible, then place your arms by your sides and relax. Record measurement. (Fig 3)


Bust/chest (women)


As above but over the bust line. (fig 3)

Under Bust (women)


Just under the bust line. (fig 3)

Half Back (fig2)


Position arm as shown (fig 2). Measure from the centre of the spine (about 15 cm down from the nape of the neck) to straight across to level with the pivot point of the shoulder (ie. where the arm joins the shoulder).

Arm: From centre of spine as above, all the way along the arm to the wrist bone.

Arm (fig 2)


Wrist circumference




With bicep flexed



With forearm flexed



Close measurement around the base of the neck

Front Body length

  From the notch in the sternum (base of neck) to level with the crotch.(see fig 3)

Required for Pants and suits

Crotch to Knee
(Fig 4 A)


Measure from level with crotch to level with the centre of the knee (bend your leg slightly to make it easier to see the kneecap).

Navel to Knee
(Fig 4 B)


Measure down the outside of the leg from level with the navel to level with the centre of the kneecap.

Navel to Ankle
(Fig 4 C)


As above, but measure to level with the ankle bone

Thigh (Fig 4)


Measure around the fullest part of the thigh

Calf (Fig 4)


Measure around the fullest part of the calf.

Desired fit


Snug fit


Average Fit


Loose Fit