The Guardian suit is the most user friendly leather garment you will find. No other leather garment can be washed and tumble dried so easily!

The unique hydrophobic nubuck leather is remarkably simple to care for.

Cleaning the leather outer:

For minor surface cleaning:

Sponge clean the leather with a rag soaked in clean water.

For a more serious clean:

hand wash

Wash the leathers by hand in a bathtub or similar with warm water and a mild solution of pure soap or SPORT-WASH®.

Rinse with two changes of clean water.

Squeeze the water out of the leather and lining by pressing flat using towels inside and top and bottom, press the excess water out. (do NOT wring the garment).


Simply spin dry in a machine (much easier and more effective)

Revivex Treatment:


The Hydrophobic Nubuck leather has an 'active' DWR fluoropolymer coating on its surface to provide improved comfort and shorter drying time. Without the DWR, the outer fabric would become surface saturated by rain, water would no longer bead and the condition known as 'wet out' occurs. The wearer may feel damp and clammy due to the conductive and evaporative heat loss from the body to the garment.

After prolonged use the DWR can "wear out" but fortunately this can be returned to better than new with Grangers® Extreme Repel

After washing as above, hang the garment on a hanger and close all zips and studs.

Apply the Grangers® treatment with the convenient pump spray pack. Make sure that the garment is evenly coated.

The suit should then be tumble dried to "process" the coating.

Tumble Drying:

tumble drying

The Guardian suit can be safely tumble-dried.

As long as the following directions are followed there is no need to remove the Body Defence pads.

Use a large drier such as those at a Laundromat.

Do NOT use a domestic drier – they are too small, the leather needs to tumble.

Medium heat setting only.

It will take approximately one hour depending on the dryer.


The Hydrophobic nubuck leather in your Guardian suit is extraordinarily breathable.

Do NOT use normal leather treatments.

When it is necessary to restore the surface water repellency (generally every 8 to12 months) only use Revivex® as described above.

Cleaning the PTFE removable Liner:

machine wash

Machine-wash in warm water on a gentle cycle (use powder detergent).
Rinse well.
Do not bleach.
Tumble dry (see note above) or spin dry and dry on the line.

Storing your Guardian Suit:

Tiger Angel leathers are manufactured from full grain hide. This premium grade leather needs to breathe. Always ensure that the leathers have airflow around them, even when storing for a short period (ie. overnight).

When storing for longer periods place jackets on a broad well shaped hanger and pants on a proper pants hanger, in a breathable Tiger Angel suit bag.

Guardian Series - Waterproof leather suits